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Breast Enhancement near Fort Lauderdale, FLAfter any breast surgery, the proper surgical support garment can make a crucial difference in the comfort of your recovery.

As reported in a recent story in Digital Journal, women are now able to choose from a wide range of surgical support garments following their breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. This can be particularly important in the hot summer months, as noted by Dawn Cover, the president of Nouvelle, Inc., a major producer of surgical support garments: “We find that especially during the summer months, comfort is a huge indicator of how fast patients heal following surgery.”

Improved Recovery Comfort Leads to Better Breast Lift Results

One of the main differences between surgical recovery garments and normal, everyday-use bras is that surgical recovery garments are built for comfort when worn 24 hours a day for several weeks after a surgery. This is certainly a priority for the design of the garment, according to Cover, who says that, “Our design team has carefully crafted each bra to be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure surgical sites, stitches, drains, etc. are comfortably protected and secure.”

Some of these popular recovery garment styles include:

  • Bras with Ice Packs: These bras have special pockets that are perfectly designed to support exchangeable ice packs for enhanced comfort.
  • Bra Bands: The smallest and simplest form of breast surgery recovery garments, these bands are worn around the breasts to hold them tightly in place. In some cases, they can be worn with your regular non-underwire bras.
  • Bra Vests: For those women who are recovering from multiple procedures, these vests with or without sleeves can help to support several body areas, giving all-around comfort and support of the arms, stomach and breasts.

Each surgical recovery garment should be chosen to specifically address your unique needs and recovery, and will be recommended during your pre-surgical consultation.

Photo by Tom Hickmore on Flickr.