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Saline vs. Silicone Implants near Fort Lauderdale, FL

Women who are considering breast augmentation have an array of breast implant styles from which to choose.  Working with Dr. David J. Levens, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has helped hundreds of women in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County make informed decisions about having saline or silicone breast implants for their breast enhancement.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are silicone gel shells that can either be filled with silicone or saline. The implants are placed under the breast tissue to give women larger, fuller breasts.  For smaller-breasted women, implants are the most effective option to achieve the proportions they desire and to help them to feel more comfortable with the size and shape of their breasts.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

The cost of Breast Augmentation with Saline starts at $5,800.00 and Breast Augmentation with Silicone starts at $6,600.00. However, prices may vary due to specials and/or the facility used. An individual treatment plan will be developed during your consultation with Dr. Levens. After the appointment, we provide you with a total cost and explain our payment options, including cash, personal check, Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®.  If you are interested in financing your breast augmentation with breast implants, our patient coordinators will explain how to apply for CareCredit®, Alphaeon Credit, or Prosper® Healthcare Lending.

About Saline Breast Implants

The FDA has approved saline implants for women who are at least 18 years old. The key difference between saline and silicone implants is that saline implants are not filled prior to insertion. Once Dr. Levens positions the implant correctly, he fills the gel shell with saline solution.  Advantages of saline implants include:

  • The potential for a slightly smaller incision.
  • No risk of silicone leaking into surrounding tissues.
  • A lesser cost.
  • A slight advantage to help achieve better symmetry when the two breasts are very different sizes.

Disadvantages of saline implants are added stretch on tissues as they can weigh more than silicone implants, they may have a less natural feel and be more likely to result in rippling.  Although a small percentage of adult women request saline implants, they are mostly used in women under age 22.

About Silicone Breast Implants

Women who are at least 22 years old have the option of silicone implants for their breast augmentation procedure. Silicone implants tend to resemble natural breasts in both texture and feel when compared to saline implants. Silicone implants are lighter than saline implants.  If a silicone implant ruptures, the silicone gel may leak into surrounding tissues and may need to be removed surgically, although the chance of rupture has been significantly reduced with modern silicone implants.

What Type of Breast Implant is Right for Me?

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery is a significant decision, and you want to feel confident that your choice of breast implant with fit both your cosmetic goals and lifestyle. Dr. Levens values giving his patients professional and objective guidance on the advantages and disadvantages of saline and silicone implants. After discussing your options with him, you feel confident about your choice of breast implants.

Learn More About Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Dr. Levens will review every aspect of silicone and saline breast implants with you during your complimentary consultation. Patient Coordinators Diana and Chris will discuss fees, financing plans, and scheduling, and answer any additional questions. There is absolutely no obligation to schedule a procedure. To arrange your consultation, please contact us today.

 Dr. Levens has been performing breast augmentation with silicone and saline implants in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and throughout Broward County since 1989.