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Dr. David Levens uses state-of-the-art technology to provide his patients a unique approach to their medical care. Dr. Levens' desire to offer you the best possible experience is why he offers TouchMD. TouchMD is a revolutionary computer hardware and software program that helps doctors communicate with their patients. The technology offers you a realistic look at what you can expect from your plastic or reconstructive surgery. Using TouchMD, you use a touch-screen interface to learn more about the procedure by viewing educational videos, anatomical imagery, and a comprehensive assortment of procedural information. This information can either be accessed while in our office or from the comfort of your own home.


The Collaborative Consultation Approach

With TouchMD, Dr. Levens is able to bring a collaborative approach to his consultations. At your in-office consultation, Dr. Levens will take a photo of you, and along with 3-D anatomical images, demonstrate the details of the procedure on a monitor. The collaborative approach shows you the most realistic outcomes of your procedure. This type of patient interaction gives you the opportunity to express any concerns, ask well-informed questions and talk about your goals. Armed with this technology, Dr. Levens is able to gain a better understanding of the look you wish to achieve with the procedure or treatment.

The Advantages of TouchMD

TouchMD offers several virtual features that will help you learn more about the procedures and treatments that interest you. The features of TouchMD include:

  • Educational Videos – You’ll have access to videos that provide in-depth knowledge of what to expect before and after your procedure.
  • Anatomical Images – Personal photographs and 3D animations will give you a realistic view of the results of your procedure.
  • Personal Web Portal – All of the video, images, and information explored during your consultation is accessible via a secure, web portal from your home.
  • Virtual Tour – Learn more about the educational background and credentials of Dr. Levens. Take some time to enjoy the virtual tour of our office. We guarantee that the tour will explain why our office is better than the rest.

TouchMD allows you to get the most out of your office visit. You will leave your consultation with Dr. Levens with a better understanding of your procedure. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or seek to schedule an appointment.