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Chemical Peel near Fort Lauderdale, FL

hen you have spent time out enjoying the South Florida sun for much of your life, your skin may begin to show the effects of all those hot summer afternoons. If you live in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County and exhibit age spots, wrinkles and the like, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David J. Levens may recommend a chemical peel treatment at his Coral Springs practice.

What is a Chemical Peel?

This topical treatment is applied at Dr. Levens’ office and works over a short period of time to remove dead, dull surface skin and diminish common skin issues like signs of aging and pigmentation inconsistencies.

How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost?

The cost of chemical peel treatments is based upon an individual treatment plan that Dr. Levens develops during your consultation.  After the appointment, we provide you with a total cost and explain our payment options, including cash, personal check, Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®.  If you are interested in financing your chemical peel, our patient coordinators will explain how to apply for CareCredit®, Alphaeon Credit, or Prosper® Healthcare Lending.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Dr. Levens and his staff of professional aestheticians perform light, medium and deep chemical peels to correct cosmetic concerns that range from superficial to more advanced.  Chemical peels are tailored to the unique needs of each patient, including skin type and type of flaws to be corrected.  The peels remove damaged layers of skin to reveal softer, refreshed skin that has fewer blemishes, lines, wrinkles, acne, scars and other common problems.

Good Candidates for a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are great for patients of many ages and skin types and can be formulated to meet the needs of each individual patient. In addition to the face, chemical peels are frequently applied to the neck, chest, and hands. At Dr. Levens’ practice, chemical peels are often applied to treat:

  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Acne and blemishes
  • Dry skin
  • Dull complexion

A deep chemical peel is capable of treating:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Pigmentation problems
  • Some scarring

When you visit our office for a consultation, we will ask you about your skin concerns and examine your skin, as well. Based on this assessment, we will determine the appropriate level of chemical peel for your needs.

What Happens During a Chemical Peel?

After your face has been cleansed, the chemical peel solution will be applied. Over a short period of time, it will work on the outer layers of your skin, sloughing away the dead and dull surface skin cells. Your face will then again be cleansed and in some cases, an ointment will be applied.

As you leave Dr. Levens’ office, you will be given specific aftercare instructions. With a light chemical peel, you will need to limit your sun exposure and apply a daily SPF. Any redness or flaking of the skin should dissipate within a day or so. For a deep chemical peel, the flaking will be more pronounced and longer lasting. You will likely need to apply a protective ointment and take good care to avoid sun exposure for some time, so as to protect your skin.

After your skin has regenerated from the chemical peel, it should appear younger, smoother and more even. The effects of a chemical peel can be long-lasting, as long as you take care to protect your skin and care for it.

Types of Chemical Peels Offered By Dr. Levens

Learn More about Chemical Peels

Dr. Levens will review every aspect of chemical peels with you during your complimentary consultation. Patient Coordinators Diana and Chris will discuss fees, financing plans, and scheduling, and answer any additional questions. There is absolutely no obligation to schedule a procedure. To arrange your consultation, please contact us today.

Dr. Levens has been providing chemical peels for patients in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and throughout Broward County since 1989.