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I have loved my experience with Dr. Levens and staff throughout my breast augmentation procedure. From consultation all the way through post op they have been so friendly and welcoming. They always treat you like a friend! Not to mention my results came out great! Dr Levens knew exactly what to do and he did a great job! I am a super happy patient 🙂

Jaime Nodzak

I recently had my free consultation with the Dr and I was quite pleased. Dr Levens took time out of his busy schedule to squeeze me in as i do not reside in the USA. All the ladies in office are extremely kind. Diana is a sweetheart. If you are thinking of improving your physical appearance for whatever your reason may be give Dr Levens a change. I am a very conservative person and the Dr along with his staff put me at ease. I can’t wait to have my procedure done with them. If you are afraid or hesitant just take advantage of the consultation it Will cost you only a “ 😊 smile” give them a chance.

mathilde alvarez

After being referred to Dr Levens from another surgeon who was unwilling to help me, I was very encouraged by Dr Leven. He patiently took the time to speak with me, answer all my questions and even came up with a better idea to help me. I thought I was going to have to replace three year old implants to achieve my desired results. Instead, after learning about moving some body fat, this is what we decided to do. Dr Levens' office stayed in contact with me while I was in the process of gaining enough fat to do the surgery and once I reached my goal, my date was set. The recovery time was a little longer than just putting in implants but all the fat I gained and then some was removed. I feel great and my breasts look great! I couldn't be happier. Thank you to all the wonderful people that helped me achieve my goal.

Susan Cox

When I decided to do my breast augmentation I went to two doctors and nobody convinced me, until I found Dr Levens from the first moment I visited the office they made me feel like family, him and the staff are amazing, they took the time to See what breast size would fit my body, the Dr is very detailed, I liked that a lot because he always listened to what I wanted.
Diana helped me with financing to my surgery.
Thanks Dr Levens I can't wait to go to my next appointment for the before and after photo .
Ladies, I totally recommend Dr Levens.

Gina Noe

Dr. Levens and his team are amazing and worth all five stars. I met with seven surgeons before deciding to work with Dr. Levens and I do not regret my decision one bit. This was my first-time receiving elective surgery so I wanted to ensure I felt 110% comfortable with my choice. Initially when I met with Dr. Levens he took the time to answer all my questions and did not try to up sale me, in fact I was asking for more and he gave his professional opinion without being condescending or annoyed. Although I am pleased with Dr. Levens’s skill and professionalism I would be remiss not to acknowledge his team. Diana, Amy, and Chris are the true rock stars, working behind the scene to keep the practice thriving. He also had an intern at the time of procedure named Hope who was wonderful too. The customer service in Dr. Levens office is genuine and authentic, emphasis on authentic. Every time I visit his office, I feel like I’m visiting friends. This type of customer service is rare to find in any industry.

If you are considering plastic surgery, please consider his practice. For those who are out of state, please take notice that Miami and Coral Springs are maybe an hour apart max, so do not be apprehensive about location.

As far as price Dr. Levens was average and aligned with other surgeons in the area. My surgery was on a Friday morning and the next Saturday evening Dr. Levens himself text me to see how I was doing. Once again this unheard of and much appreciated.

The only con I can think of is, sooner or later Dr. Levens will more than likely retire and I will be lost as to what to do. 😊

L Taylor

Dr Levens is a very caring, compassionate plastic surgeon
I had surgery last November and I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure. Dr Levens and his staff are the very best!

PIA Wilken

I had a bad experience before with a plastic surgeon. Dr Levens is a wonderful surgeon , he took his time to answer all my questions regarding my tummy tuck. After the surgery he called my family to check on me .Wow I look amazing and it's just three weeks post op. I will definitely recommend anyone and If I have to do any procedure Dr. Levens will definitely be my surgeon again . Thanks Dr.Levens and Staff ❤It's me Marie Jean.........

Roody Jean

I thought Dr. Levens was the surgeon for me until he dismissed me because I was made aware of malpractice involving death against one of the anesthesiologists he works with, Dr. William Weisberg at the Surgery Center of Coral Springs. This was brought to my attention from a family member who works for the Florida Board of Medicine once I told them the name of the outpatient surgery center. I called the surgery center and kindly asked if I could speak with Dr. Weisberg about it. Once the anesthesiologist told me he’s not obligated to discuss anything, I told him it was fine and I apologized and said I didn’t realize it was unethical to ask a question. I said to myself, you know what? It’s only one case, it’s not several, so I’m just gonna forget about it. I dropped the subject and still had the intentions of proceeding until he called me back huffing and puffing on the phone and said he wasn’t doing my case. Later that afternoon, Dr. Levens dismissed me and refused to do my breast reduction anywhere else. These are public records and I’ve consulted with several doctors that told me I did nothing wrong. If Dr. Weisberg doesn’t want people asking questions, then maybe he should fight to get it removed from public records. Patients have a right to ask questions especially when their lives are on the line. Dr. Levens didn’t go to bat for his patient. I was very upset at first but I moved on. A lot of doctors don’t understand how terrifying it is for someone who’s a major hypochondriac to go through with a very much needed surgery that’s medically necessary. So I didn’t see anything wrong with bringing attention to the matter if it meant peace of mind, which is why I’ve ultimately decided to proceed with Dr. Levens because of his great reviews and the fact that I did think he was very knowledgeable at my consultation. I’ve since had my reduction with an amazing surgeon and couldn’t be happier, who, mind you, didn’t need to chop my nipples off. If there’s anything I could take away from this situation is do research and be your own advocate. Everything happens for a reason.

Jessie L.

Awesome!I can’t say enough about Dr. Levens and his incredible staff. From our first meeting , my husband and I were so impressed with our consultation and the office staff . After experiencing a BOTCHED Breast augmentation from a butcher of a plastic surgeon, that involved infections, capsular contractions, enlarged lymph nodes, Dr. Levens saved me and “my girls” . I’m healthy again and so happy with my results.

Stephanie Larsen

Dr. Levens and his staff are absolutely amazing! I was referred to him for a breast reduction by 2 different people, and my results are better than I could have imagined. It has been only 2 months and I feel fantastic! He and his staff made me feel so comfortable and always answered any questions I had. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is reading these reviews! Thank you Dr. Levens!

Delaney Gerofsky

I met with Dr Levens for a free consultation back in February. He was very informative and caring and explained the entire procedure for a Facelift. I scheduled my appointment for March 19th and now less than a month later I am healing nicely and am loving my results. I found the entire office staff to be very helpful and the follow up is great! I can’t wait to do my after photos because the results have been more than I had hoped for!

Patricia Genhold

I absolutely love Dr. Levens and his amazing team. From the very first time meeting him to the day of my surgery, and every follow-up appointment thereafter, I have always appreciated the level of patience, attention and care that I have received. I never felt rushed and they helped walked me through the entire process so that I felt comfortable and confident with my decision. Their patient app gives you access to him when needed and he always responds promptly. I’m so lucky to have found Dr. Levens and his team. I’m forever grateful and completely satisfied with my results!

Brittani Barrett

I am a researcher by nature. So when I decided to go under the knife for aesthetic reasons. I made sure to do my homework. Dr. Levens and his team came up several times in my quest and I am glad I chose them. From the intial ccontact, which was just a phone call. I knew I made the right choice. His staff knows every patient by name and are all warm and welcoming. From pre-op to post-op A+++ class service. Dr. Levens is kind and inviting. Genuine and honest. When he says if you have any questions contact me anytime....#FACTS!!!!. I was very impressed. NOW...Let's talk about results...Dr. Levens is the G.O.A.T.....I am so happy and impressed with my results....what he did with what I had is almost miraculous. If you are looking for a surgeon you can trust and get results you desire then this is your guy.

Yanique Mar

Words cannot express how much I absolutely love Dr. Levens and his office staff. Everyone in the offoce is so friendly and they genuinely care about their patients. From the consultation, to the surgery and the recovery they have gone above and beyond to make me comfortable and answer all my questions. They literally made having surgery an enjoyable process. I am 2 months post-op from my brachioplasty (arm lift) and the results are absolutely AH-MAZING! Having this surgery has given me so much confidence💜 I have a few other skin removal surgeries planned and I will be coming back to Dr. Levens for sure!

Natasha Yeung

Dr. Levens is an excellent surgeon! When I decided to start getting consults for a Breast Augmentation it only made sense to include his practice on the list as he's done my lip fillers for a few years now. The saying "when you know, you know" is the best way I can describe my decision. Dr. Levens has phenomenal bedside manner, answered all of my questions, and great rapport. On top of his great staff at the office, his surgical skills do not disappoint. I am so happy with my results and have never felt more confident. I truly believe having Dr. Levens perform my surgery is one of the best decisions I've made.

Shannon Mulvaney

Went a couple months back for fillers and I looked older rather than younger, I should have asked for my money back but decided to not make a fuss. I have friends that have gotten body work done here and have ok results but complain about their customer service.

J. Lisa Kiana Williams

I began searching for a doctor in my area who had the proper credentials and great reviews. I had consultations with 2 other doctors but still felt unsure. After my consultation with Dr. Levens, I immediately knew he was the right doctor. His office is filled with an amazing staff and he patiently answered ALL of my questions.
After hours of YouTube videos, I braced myself for a hard recovery. My reality was nothing like that. My surgery day came and went with ease. Sleepy, but no severe pain. Dr. Levens stayed in contact with me over the weekend. I was off the prescription medication by the time I saw him again! I could not believe how fast I was back on my feet. 2 weeks post op, my results are great and I feel like myself again. What else could you ask for. I would recommend him to anyone.

Janelle Kingston

I cannot rave highly enough about Dr. Levens and his incredible staff. From the consult to post surgery, they are amazing. I felt extremely cared for and like family. Dr. Levens is very professional, explained everything with the procedures and what to expect. One thing that really stood out was he asked me to explain to him what my understanding was of the procedure. I thought that was amazing and really leaves no room for surprises. I am 2 weeks post surgery now, I did not feel one bit of pain from this. I have had several appointments post surgery and I am elated that I chose Dr. Levens for this procedure. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Levens for Blepharoplasty and probably any other surgery enhancements he performs. Class act all the way!!!!

Jaime Nodzak

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