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Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Proper skincare is essential to maintaining beautiful skin, so Dr. David J. Levens offers his unique skincare products to patients looking to prevent signs of aging and improve their look. Located in Coral Springs, Dr. Levens welcomes patients from the Broward County and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When it comes to skincare, Dr. Levens believes that regular, healthy skin practices are the best ways to prevent signs of aging and reduce already developed signs of aging. For these reasons, Dr. Levens is bringing his exclusive line of skincare products to his patients. This collection of products is safe and easy to use, providing you with beautiful skin without a rigorous routine.
Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Peel Me

Peel me is a gentle treatment that uses Glycolic Acid to exfoliate the skin. This product removes dead and dull skin cells while simultaneously delivering vitamins and nutrients to help nourish the skin. As a result, you get smooth, moisturized skin, purified of any oils and residue.

Benefits include:

  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Reduced surface oil
  • Skin that is calm and moisturized

Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Spotless Me

With a special non-drug formula, Spotless Me involves botanical ingredients to brighten and soothe the skin. These ingredients include Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Bearberry, which help to brighten the skin and improve skin tone. Antioxidants in the product help to calm the skin while facilitating quick penetration, resulting in a product that is both fast acting and easy to implement. Spotless Me is best for patients looking to improve an uneven skin tone or add vibrancy to the skin.
Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

My Eyes Have It

My Eyes Have It is your solution to wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. Using All-trans-Retinol and other carefully selected ingredients, this product deeply hydrates and tightens the skin, plumping lines and correcting discoloration. The benefits of this product include:

  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Designed for safe use around the eyes
  • Fills lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces appearance of bags, dark circles and puffiness

Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

C Me Poreless

This product is specially designed to improve skin texture and tone. Thanks to L-Absorbic Acid, this product has the ability to help build collagen to prevent dry skin and wrinkles. Partially derived from plants, the C Me Poreless formula provides substantial micronutrient support, nourishing the skin as it grows. This is a great solution for strengthening and repairing the skin to fight wrinkles and aged texture.
Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Polish Me

This mild skin scrub features bio-friendly micro beads that help exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This process gently removes oils and dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, glowing skin underneath. This product is particularly effective for improving radiance and minimizing pores. It also includes natural ingredients that brighten and soothe the skin, for maximum results.
Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dew Me

This moisture-enriched facial cream delivers smoother, softer, healthier looking skin. With ingredients such as Liposome Encapsulated Vitamins A-C-E, Green Tea and Co-Q10, this product will nourish the skin while providing antioxidant protection from free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that damage cell function and cause wrinkles. Daily use will result in firmer, more toned and smoother skin.
Levens Skincare Products in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hydrate Me

Quench dehydrated skin and secure a supple and smooth complexion with this moisturizer that also supports healthy collagen production.

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Dr. Levens will review every aspect of these products with you during your complimentary consultation. During this consultation, you will discuss fees, financing plans, scheduling and any additional questions you may have. To arrange your consultation, please contact us today.

Dr. Levens has been providing patients with the highest quality products since 1989. Patients in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County area can count on Dr. Levens and his staff for friendly, professional service.