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To Lift or Not to Lift (The Breasts)?

Are you unhappy with your breasts? Have you noticed a change in your bustline as you’ve aged or due to pregnancy? Whether your concern is a loss of volume, sagging, or the shape or your breasts, then you may have considered getting a breast lift. A breast lift is designed to lift droopy breasts but will not restore volume without adding implants. Is this procedure right for you?  Who makes a good candidate for the lift? To lift or not to lift, that is the question.

To Lift

Women who experience sagging in their breasts from factors such as pregnancy or weight loss are excellent candidates for this procedure. A lift will effectively raise the position of your nipple/areola to a more youthful location and reduce the amount of your breast tissue that may be hanging below your breast fold.  This procedure with no implant is typically a good option for women who are primarily satisfied with their natural breast volume/fullness or even looking for a slight reduction in size.

To Not Lift

Typically, younger women with smaller-sized breasts do not have issues with sagging, loss of volume or weight loss in their breasts. Women who fit this description typically benefit more from a simple breast implant rather than any lifting.

Combining the Lift and Implant

A very common procedure especially after pregnancy is a combination of lifting and implants. This procedure does require additional scars than implants only but the scars which fade with time should be an acceptable trade off which you should discuss fully with your surgeon.

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