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Best Time to get a Mommy Makeover

Being a mother and raising children is undoubtedly one of life’s greatest gifts; however, the process can take a toll on your body. Even armed with the best diet and exercise plan, many mothers still experience weight gain, stretched skin, sagging breasts, and an overall feeling of discomfort with one’s body. When you can’t seem to get back to your youthful self, you may turn to the help of the Mommy Makeover. If you are considering this procedure, then it is essential to know the right time to take action. Let our questions guide you to get your timing right and get you back to being confident and feeling sexy once again.

Have You Already Tried Diet and Exercise?
Although this procedure is never a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or an exercise program, it can be a powerful tool to help you reach your aesthetic goals. When diet and exercise have you hitting a physical plateau, the mommy makeover can be help get you to the next level.

Are You Near Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight?

Pregnancy causes weight gain and it usually takes time for your body to return to baseline.  Surgeons do not recommend having a mommy makeover until you have maintained a good weight for at least six months, indicating that your body has recovered from pregnancy and all associated changes in your body.

Are You Done Having Children?

Women who undergo a mommy makeover can expect a total body transformation, but it does not guarantee that the results will be permanent. A subsequent pregnancy could well reverse much of the improvement  from a mommy makeover, so therefore it is recommended that you only consider proceeding after children. It is best to wait six months to a year after pregnancy before having this procedure.

Are You Done Breastfeeding?

Any procedure involving your breasts (breast augmentation, breast lift, etc.) are most successful when you have finished breastfeeding for at least six months. Waiting for the right time after breastfeeding helps the surgeon have more precision in planning until your breasts have stabilized in size and shape to produce more accurate results.

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