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7 Questions to Ask When Considering a Tummy Tuck

Have you been tirelessly in pursuit of a flat, toned stomach with a strict diet and rigorous exercise? When your best attempts and intentions aren’t enough, you may need some help to reach your goals! If so, you may have considered a tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty. This procedure helps remove excess fat and skin on your abdomen and tightens your abdominal wall muscles.  Before you decide to go through with the procedure, be sure to ask yourself these important questions.

1. Am I a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

If you are healthy, with stable body weight, but have excess fat on your abdomen, then you may benefit from a tummy tuck procedure. Aging, pregnancy or significant fluctuations in weight are all factors that can contribute to excess abdominal skin and fat, and all make for good candidates for this procedure. It is essential for you to have realistic expectations when considering this or any cosmetic surgery.

2. Do I Have Excess Fat?

As simple as it sounds, having the proper knowledge and asking the right questions can go a long way in making sure you and your surgeon agree on what is the best procedure for you. Stay up to date with your options and be prepared to do your research, so you know what to expect moving forward.

3. How Much Will a Tummy Tuck Cost?

In 2017, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for a tummy tuck procedure was $5,992. Keep in mind that this price does not cover anesthesia, hospital or surgical office fees, or any other connected expenses.

4. What Can I Do to Help Get the Best Results?

Although it is true that a skilled plastic surgeon can transform your figure and change your life it is essential to understand that this procedure does not make up for poor diet or a lack of physical activity. Did you know that you also play a significant role in the maintenance and preservation of your new shape? You have to do your part by maintaining a healthy and stable weight post-surgery. You can achieve this goal by consistently exercising and keeping your diet healthy and nutritious. With nutrition and exercise combined, you can expect the results of your tummy tuck to last.

5. How Long Is the Recovery Period?

Always remember that the timeframe for recovery for a tummy tuck varies from person to person. Generally speaking, most patients should expect to have bruising and swelling in the abdomen anywhere from one to three weeks. Most patients find they can return to work within two to four weeks, while it usually takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to get back to strenuous activity, intense workouts or heavy lifting. It is crucial to follow all of your doctor’s advice during the recovery time and to be in tune and listen to your own body. Go at your own pace and take the time to heal correctly.

6. What Are the Risks?

Although it is considered a generally safe procedure, like all surgeries, the tummy tuck is not without risks. These risk factors include bleeding, numbness, or infection. Be sure to discuss all possible risks and also preventative measures before considering this procedure. Having an understanding of the risks can help you stay ahead of any problems and prepared if something does go wrong.

7. How Can I Expect My Stomach to Look After the Procedure?

You can expect your stomach to look swollen in the first few weeks following surgery. There will be some scarring over the pubic area and the region around the belly button. Once the swelling subsides, your stomach will look firmer, smoother, flatter and more contoured. Most scars should diminish a few months after surgery.

Interested to Learn More?

If you think you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck and would like to find out more information regarding this procedure, please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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